Attendance Procedures

Central Valley High School

Procedures for reporting absences through our website:


Student’s absences must be cleared within 48 hours of the students return to school. Absences not cleared with in this time frame will be considered unexcused/cut, and the student will be assigned Saturday School . You may clear your student’s absence by phone at 556-1900 ext 5012 or ext 5006, by writing a note, or by email.

Tardy Policy (E.C. 48260) It is the responsibility of all students to be in class, in their seat, and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. This includes having the required materials as well. Students who are habitually tardy disrupt class and detract from the learning process of other students. The purpose of the school’s tardy policy is to discourage students from being late to class.

A tardy occurs any time a student is not in class, in their seat, and ready to work when the bell rings. An excessive tardy is considered a cut and occurs any time a student is 30 or more minutes late. Students who are excessively tardy are considered truant.

Students who are tardy to class will incur the consequences outlined below. Note that the following refers to tardies in a particular class for a semester.

Tardy 1-4 Warning by teacher

Tardy 5 Saturday School

Tardy 6 1 day In-school suspension

Tardy 7 2 days In-school suspension

Tardy 8 3 days In-school suspension/Conference with Administrator or Counselor and parents.

Tardy 9 Three-day suspension from school/possible involuntary transfer to alternative education site

Excessive tardies may also affect a student’s citizenship grade.

Contact: in Attendance for students last name A - L in Attendance for students last name M - Z