Advisor: Mrs. Gresham

This is a co-curricular club. Journalism is a course that produces the school newspaper. The focus is on learning and performing the basics of journalistic writing. Students are also introduced to the media and explore its role and function within the context of a democratic society. The primary goal, however, is production. This course is structured on a four-week news cycle that involves story assignments, reporting, writing, rewriting, meeting deadlines, selling advertising, and celebrating a job well done. In addition to reporting and ad sales, students are given the opportunity to choose other journalistic activities, including leadership roles, photography, layout, and design. This course depends on staff members working outside of scheduled class times to meet the demands of individual assignments as well as shared projects. This outside the scheduled class time, therefore, defines it as co-curricular. To join journalism a student must have the approval of the advisor. For more information contact the advisor.