FFA Newsletter


Ag Mentor Pathway Program Ryan Nunes

This past month, a few FFA students from the junior class of Central Valley and Ceres High Schools were selected to participate in the Mentor Luncheon Program. In this program, our members have the unique opportunity to participate in a presentation put on by a team of local people working in agricultural jobs. This program takes place during lunch on the first planning day of each month. The students also get to enjoy a special catered lunch while participating in the presentations. The presentations put on by the agricultural professionals each month are preparing them for future job interviews and stay professional in the workplace. At the end of the program, there is an opportunity for a few students to be picked for a paid summer internship with Gallo Winery. They are all looking forward to what will be in store for

Chapter Officer Leadership Conference Belle-Rubie Martinez 09/15/2018



On September 15 the officer team went to Gregori High School to attend the Central Region FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Conference. What they learned there was how to work together in teams and leadership skills they can take back to our chapter. They also learned about some new ideas for games they can use at chapter meetings for next year. They went through various workshops hosted by the state officers, central region officers, and the MJC Ag Ambassadors. While they were there they had the opportunity to meet other members from other chapters within the region.

Burrito Bingo Alyza Montes

On September 10th our FFA chapter held a burrito loteria/ bingo meeting. The turn out was amazing. A lot of FFA members participated in the loteria game while eating their burritos they had purchased. We played three rounds of loteria with candy as prizes. This was the officers first official meeting with the FFA students. This meeting allowed the students to have fun with friends and the officers.

Animal/Vet Science

The Animal Science and Vet Science classes have been busy! Thursdays and Fridays, we visit the farm to get hands-on experience with livestock animals! We have 10 pigs that we are raising for the next four months, and had a special visit from some local cattle last week to learn how to properly approach and handle cattle on a halter.