Ag Classes
Due to the co-curricular nature of FFA and SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) students will be required to participate in both FFA activities and SAE involvement, both of which are graded components of ALL ag courses. 

This course is designed so that students gain a broad understanding of a variety of agricultural areas including plant science, animal science, environmental science, agricultural mechanics, food science, and floral design. It is also designed to help students develop awareness of the many career opportunities in agriculture, participate in relevant experiences, and expand leadership abilities.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 9th-12th grade

Sustainable Agricultural Biology is a one year course designed to integrate biological science practices and knowledge into the practice of sustainable agriculture. The course is organized into four major sections, or units, each with a guiding question.Within each unit specific life science principles will be identified with agricultural principles and practices guiding the acquisition of this knowledge, culminating in the development of a sustainable farm model and portfolio of supporting student research.
CSU/UC (D) GRAD CREDIT: Life Science 11th -12th grade 

This is a college preparatory course for students interested in pursuing agricultural science programs in college, with emphasis on chemistry's applications to the environment and agricultural practices. Students will also develop and present a content-relevant research project. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Ag Biology or instructor approval. 
CSU/UC (D) GRAD CREDIT: Physical Science 10th -12th grade 

This course combines laboratory science and research with agricultural management principles. Using skills and principles learned in the course, students design systems and experiments to solve agricultural management issues currently facing the industry. Additionally, students will connect the products created in this class with industry activities to link real world encounters and implement skills demanded by both colleges and careers. Prerequisite:​ ​Successful completion of Ag & Soil Chemistry or equivalent with a C or better.
CSU/UC (D) GRAD CREDIT: Physical Science 11th-12th grade

Students will learn about foods from origin through consumption, as well as processes involved between. Hands on experiences in the food system, through extensive engagement of community members and utilization of community resources will integrate course content directly as applied. Units in this course include an overview of Food Science, Nutrition and Digestion, Chemistry of Foods, operations in Food Processing, Packaging, Dairy Processing, Meat Poultry and Eggs, Cereal Grains, Legumes and Oil-seed, Fruits and Vegetables, Food Safety, Regulation and Labeling, Fats and Oils, Candy and Confectionery. Prerequisite:​ Successful completion of Agriculture and Soil Chemistry or equivalent with a C or better.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 11th-12th grade

This advanced course in Animal Science will focus on livestock management practices. Included in this course will be livestock breeds, health care, handling facilities, anatomy and physiology, artificial insemination and breeding practices, judging and many other hands-on activities. Prerequisite: Completion of Intro to Animal Agriculture or instructor approval. 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 10th –12th grade **Dual Enrollment Course with MJC

This course provides a basic overview of the veterinary field covering career skills, career opportunities, sanitation, various species of small animals, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, disease control, lab skills, pharmacology, emergency procedures, radiology, and common surgery procedures. Prerequisite: Completion of Animal Science or instructor approval. 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 11th –12th grade **Dual Enrollment Course with MJC

This introductory course will focus on small engines. The subjects that will be covered are internal combustion, electrical systems, fuel and fuel systems, hydraulics, maintenance and repair. The class will emphasize hands- on experience.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 10th –12th grade 

This course is designed to provide students with basic skills and knowledge in the areas of shop safety, rope work, cold metal, plumbing, electrical, wood working, and welding. Students will receive classroom instruction as well as “hands on” experience. Each unit of instruction includes a required project that is designed to allow the student to apply those skills learned in the classroom to a practical application and will be shown at the Stanislaus County Fair.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 9th –12th grade 

This is a project-based course where students will learn the fundamentals of operations and engine diagnostics. Students will perform engine assembly and disassembly. Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Intro to Power Mechanics, or instructor approval. 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 11th –12th grade 

Students will learn how to arc weld, oxy-acetylene weld, cut, braze, and MIG (wire feed) weld. Students will get experience in basic project construction. All completed projects will be shown at the Stanislaus County Fair in Turlock. Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Intro to Ag Mechanics, or Instructor Approval. 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 10th –12th grade

This two period course is for the development of advanced welding skills. Students learn advanced skills in arc welding, MIG (wire feed), oxyacetylene welding and cutting, plasma cutting, and TIG (Tungsten and Inert Gas welding). Students will further develop job-related skills by becoming self-starters and acquiring necessary materials for projects, while developing safety and fire prevention attitudes. Students will earn college credits at Modesto Junior College if they complete the class and enroll at MJC. They will be prepared for a job in a welding shop. All completed projects will be shown at the Stanislaus County Fair.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 11th –12th grade  

This two period course, Welding & Fabrication provides serious students with entry-level skills at the completion of the course. Instruction is provided in advanced Shielded Metal and Gas Metal Arc Welding (M.I.G.) and advanced OxyAcetylene Welding. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (T.I.G.) is also covered. Students are required to develop skills in welding overhead and completing welding certification tests, along with refining skills in operating the Air Carbon Arc, Plasma Arc, and Oxy-Acetylene cutting units. Students receive instruction in safety, hand and power tool usage, planning, and material selection and usage as related to the construction of items used around the shop and home. Students experiment with their own ideas and methods in the design and fabrication of an individual project. Students are allowed one semester to complete this task. If taken a second year, students are able to work on more complex projects that are more intense in design and fabrication. Students are encouraged to exhibit their projects at the local county fair and the California State Fair. Prerequisite: ROP Ag Welding. 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 12th grade 

This class will focus on how to grow and care for house plants and plants used for landscaping. Students will learn how to reproduce plants, provide fertilizer, pest control, marketing and operate a greenhouse through hands-on experience. If you like plants, this is the class for you.
GRAD CREDIT: Elective 9th –12th grade 

This two-period course deals with landscape design, installation and maintenance. Topics of study include: landscape design, study of color, location of lawns, trees, shrubs, walks, driveways, patios, planters, and other landscape structures for home and parks. A great deal of the class consists of hands-on-activities.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 11th –12th grade 

This course is designed for students who are interested in the art of floral design. This course will cover flower care and processing, tool identification, flower ID, basic flower arranging, corsage construction, balloon design, and house plant care. The class will do seasonal projects with fresh flowers and dry materials. This class will prepare students for Ag Floriculture (ROP). This is a 2+2 class that is articulated with MJC) 
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 9th -12th 

The Advanced Ag Floriculture ROP course will give students career experience in floral design and the artistic principles of visual art. Students will create floral arrangements using advanced design principles. Part of the class will be designing and arranging for outside floral sales such as weddings and events. (This is a 2+2 class that is articulated with MJC)
CSU/UC (F) GRAD CREDIT: Fine Art or Elective 11th –12th grade

This course is designed to promote and develop leadership in the Agriculture industry. Topics will include current issues in Ag, Ag legislation, development of personal leadership skills, FFA operation and judging teams, and exploration of past and present needs in the Ag industry and its leaders. This course will be offered during zero period.
CSU/UC (G) GRAD CREDIT: Elective 9th –12th grade