Description FFA members focus on skill development and career preparation through participation in Career Development Events (CDE’s) and Leadership Development Events (LDE’s). These competitive events develop individual responsibility, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement. Central Valley FFA takes students to colleges across the state of California to compete against other chapters in the state.

Career Development Events:


The Poultry Evaluation CDE test students’ skills in the production, processing, and marketing of chickens, turkeys, processed poultry products and eggs.

Miguel Gonzalez, Wilber Arellano, Kaeley Denniston, Kiara Alvarez, and Suzana Romo

Farm Business Management

Students learn business skills and apply economic principles to agricultural businesses.

Joseph Hewes, Alondra Gonzalez, Stephanie Navarrete, Cristina Valtierra, and Diego Pamatz


Students identify plants, judge flower arrangements and solve problems using skills important to horticulture and floral careers.

Autiana Baxter, Esmeralda Gutierrez, Monica Ramirez, Angelica Espinoza, Adriana Escobedo, and Mayra Castillo


Students evaluate and rank horses based on breed characteristics, conformation and performance. Participants defend their decisions through oral reasons in front of a panel of judges.

Vanesa Contreras, Argelia Mendoza, and Alyza Montes

Dairy Judging

Participants evaluate the cattle’s physical characteristics, explain their various classes and analyze a herd record as a team.

Liliana Brazil, Jacob Nunes, Ryan Nunes, Jackie Diaz, Marilyn Diaz, Belle Martinez, and Lizbeth Martinez

Leadership Development Events:

Parliamentary Procedure

Participants conduct an orderly and efficient meeting using parliamentary procedure, and are judged on their knowledge of parliamentary law and their ability to present logical, realistic and convincing debate and motions. Miguel Gonzalez, Karla Soto, Ryan Nunes, Jason Vang, Mayra Torrez, and Jacob Nunes

Opening and Closing Ceremony

Participants will choose a role of office (President, Vice President, Secretary…), memorize, and present the opening and closing ceremony speeches to judges.

Creed Speaking

FFA members in seventh through ninth grades are judged for their ability to present the National FFA Creed from memory and answer three questions related to it.

Prepared Public Speaking

Students write and deliver a six to eight-minute speech about a current agriculture-related topic.

To learn more about what other CDE and LDE you can participate in go on the website below and talk to an advisor about which event interests you.